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1997 - Alexander Dregich established Dalchem as the small private research and production company to manufacture organophosphorus and organometallic compounds. Initial company production space was only one chemical laboratory of 40 sq.m./430 sq.ft. and the staff included only 5 employees.


1998 - Production space and number of employees was increased by 3 times.


2002 - Dalchem significantly expanded geography of the business, starting supplying of the products to the various companies in Europe, USA, Canada. Production was already carried out in 7 laboratories, there were three large warehouses on storage of initial materials and finished products, company staff reached 40 peoples. Synthesis of chemical compounds was carried out not only in flasks, but also in 20 lt and 65 lt stainless steel reactors.


2003 - Dalchem started to participate in the international chemical exhibitions CPhI (Europe) and Informex (USA). The product-list of the company reached 400 compounds, including optically - active ones.


2004  Dalchem has an exclusive representative in Japan – the “Chukan Butsu Ltd.” company.


2006 - Dalchem concludes confidential agreements on production of chemical compounds with several leading world pharmaceutical companies.


2008 - The first pilot plant of Dalchem was run (330 sq.m./3500 sq.ft.).


2010 - The second pilot plant of Dalchem was run (490 sq.m./5300 sq.ft.).


2012 - Dalchem finished work on putting in operation of the third pilot plant (area of 1300 sq.m./14000 sq.ft.).


2015 - Dalchem increased its production area by 250 sq.m./2700 sq.ft.  - the fourth pilot plat is implemented.


2019 - The fifth pilot plant of Dalchem was run (140 sq.m./1500 sq.ft.).

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