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For the last five years Dalchem significantly increased the production capacity and continues to increase them.
34 chemists and 24 technicians work in production now.


At this moment Dalchem is renting in total about 7000 sq.m / 75300 sq.ft.


We constantly upgrade and fill up our equipment park. In production we use 250 lt, 100 lt, 65 lt, 20 lt stainless steel and glass lined reactors, Huber Unistats, Huber Unichillers, autoclaves.


Main production equipment

(updated in September, 2020)

Total, pc


 Huber Unistats (151W, 520W, 910W, 915W, 925W)




 Huber Unichiller (UC210Tw-4, 007w-H-MPC)




 65 liters stainless steel reactors (to work from -70 to 200 ºC)




 100 liters stainless steel reactors (to work from -70 to 200 ºC)




 100 liters glass lined reactors



 250 liters glass lined reactors




 250 liters stainless steel reactors




 Total reactor’s capacity


7885 lt


 20 liters stainless steel filters




 Glove Box with Gas Purification (PureLab HE2)




 Distillation stainless steel -glass vacuum system with column (65 lt)




 Distillation stainless steel -glass vacuum system with column (20 lt)




 Short path distillation plant, VKL 70-4 FDRR SKR




Short path distillation plant, VK 83-6 SKR-G




 The Rosenmund® Laboratory Filter / Dryer "RoLab 2" 0.2 sq.m.




 The Rosenmund® Laboratory Filter / Dryer "RoLab 2" 0.4 sq.m.




 High pressure autoclave "limbo 350 ls", 350°C / 350 bar / 5.0 lt




 25 liters pyrolyzer





Dalchem company produces chemical compounds in quantities from several tens grams to several hundred kilograms (on some products up to 3000 kg per year).


Modern equipment allows us to work with air- and moisture- sensitive materials and also with pyrophoric compounds and get the products with purity not less than 98%.


We carry out reactions in the temperature range from –100 °C up to +300 °C.


Thanks to rather small volumes of reactors, but their large number, we rather flexibly can plan production. And one of advantages of our company is opportunity to work on many projects at the same time or to provide desirable productivity on a few projects by working in a parallel.


The large warehouse areas (about 2750 sq.m./30000 sq.ft.) allow us to keep constantly the sufficient volume of raw materials in stock for production of the majority of our products and also reduce delivery time. Besides about 80% of our products (about 500 names) constantly are available in a warehouse and can be shipped in the shortest terms.


All packing materials used in the company, conforms to IATA regulations for transportation of dangerous goods.

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