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Quality control


The assay of our compounds usually is 98-99% but in many cases reaches 99+%


Dalchem Quality Control System includes:

- Incoming quality control of all raw materials;

- Continuous diagnostics and calibration of the production and analytical equipment;

- Intermediate quality control at various stages of synthesis and purification of the products;

- Finishing quality control of the final product;

- Control analyses during storage of final product and intermediates.


We are tracing all batches of products from the first step of the synthesis up to delivery and keep this information to provide prompt reply to any request.


Our quality control equipment:

- NMR on 31P, 13C, 1H


- GC (HP 6890, Agilent 7890)

- HPLC (Alliance from Waters)


- Polarimeter


- Karl Fischer Coulometer


- C&H analysis

- mp testing (MEL-TEMP 3.0)


Each product’s batch is accompanied with the Certificate of Analysis.

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